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Things for my Polly. :thumb339705470:

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AskPrincessPollyanna's Profile Picture
Name: Pollyanna Pallavi
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Music box doll
Sexual Orientation: She doesn't have one, she believes that she will fall in love with whomever takes her heart, be it male or female.
Likes: The colour red, animals, music, dancing, masks, glue, people with odd coloured hair, noodles, rain, stuffed animals, leotards, dresses and hearts.
Dislikes: Mean people, sad people, thunder, falling, the colour green,pink, pants and losing someone she loves.

Admins wife - :iconask-raytheraven: gowatchher. <333
:iconaskthebutlers: <3333333333
<3 :iconcoh-kun:
<33333333 :iconyam-chi: - RL Best friend, shes a cutie.
Utterly Wonderful people you must watch. <3

:iconask-ally-the-alpaca: :iconask-ava: :iconask-bellanca: :iconaskthehuwoman: :iconaskwafflesandtheguys: :iconaskthewerewolfprince: :iconbitterbile: :iconask-poison-princess: :iconask-roy-franzier: :iconaskthesundancer: :iconask-foxyqueen: :iconaskthebanshee: :iconmissthunderkin: :iconohthebeesknees: :iconowlbeawkward: :iconherbie-and-company: :iconmisspomp: :iconasktoothpasteprince: :iconlord-baron: :iconaskthemushroomwizard: :iconaskvectorprincess: :iconasklemondishwash: :iconaskthemaleficium: :iconaskkarenlongears: :iconask-elijah: :iconpixelodon: :iconrockinyourbrainoff: :icontiyuh: :icondino-star: :iconpandyval: :icontheballoonprincess: :iconcatfinite: :iconobssiin: :iconask-mayatheelf: :iconask-thegriffin: :iconbattyrina: :iconaskladygoose: :iconmarylittlerose: :icongingerquin: :iconask-daimen: :iconednut: :iconask-sammi: :iconyam-chi: :iconcoh-kun:

Your pervert is showing. <3…
I've been having a real bad craving for the rp haha ; A ; and um would anyone like to?

I prefer writing in paragraphs and stuff but if you leave a starter or ask me to I don't mind really ; A ;

I'm queen bored omf

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